About TechScru

At TechScru, we believe that the perfection lies just below the surface.

We scratch that out with you.! And create an impact on your market and clients through our innovative design of your well thought product.

The expertise lies in process driven product development approach, which makes us use every resource efficiently.

What We Do

TechScru helps organizations to

  1. Understand the consumer landscape.
  2. Convert their thought of product into a mass accepted product.
  3. Implant a seed of groundbreaking innovation.

Why Us

When you are choosing a product engineering consultancy firm, you want a team to count on all aspects of the product- Prototyping, engineering, and development. Engineers at TechScru rely on high-end 3D Computer Aided Engineering(CAE), Computer Aided Designing(CAD), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Computer Aided Ergonomics to solve the problems in virtual domain and bring your vision to life.


We use Design thinking to have a strong focus on human-centered solutions, on understanding customer motivators, and on empathy. At its core, it's all about people. So if we are attempting to develop a solution to a problem, then design thinking is the core for that. Another attractive characteristic of design thinking is that it minimizes uncertainty and the risk of failure. It does this by engaging potential customers early on in the process to help validate, or not, your initial assumptions.

We work at the intersection of design, technology, and strategy to create the product, service, and brand experiences that people love. Addressing every aspect of design and implementation—from branding to interaction design, from architecture to digital technology, the product should be the reflection of the company

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At TechScru, we believe that the perfection lies just below the surface.

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